Doug Trowbridge

Facilities Manager

In 1935, a young fifteen year old girl named Marie Mumaw moved to Mount Vernon with her family from Steam Corners.  Little did she know what that move would mean for her and her future family.

Marie’s father worked for the Mount Vernon Bridge Company and had always commuted to work no matter the weather –and that was on State Route 314 when it was a dirt road.  I’m sure the move to Mount Vernon made his commute a lot easier.  One Sunday morning, soon after arriving in Mount Vernon, their father dropped Marie and her two sisters off at the intersection of Gay Street and Chestnut Street and told them to pick a church.  The first church they went into nobody talked to them, so they left.  They ventured into our church and were welcomed readily into the fold.  Little did Marie know that she was laying the spiritual foundation for her children and grandchildren.

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Judy Stringfellow

Church Treasurer

I came away from my interview with Judy and was amazed. Yes, I had known her since I was a kid, but I was surprised to learn so many amazing things about her and her family that I did not know!

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David Tovey

Chancel Choir Director and Organist

Do you know who has: thought he would teach French; has taught children’s choirs; directed hand bell choirs; directs theatre orchestras, and plays piano and organ? You have probably guessed that I am talking about David Tovey, our church’s Music Director, church organist, adult-choir director. David is embarking on his eleventh year as part of our church family and staff.

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Mary Kepple

Wesley Ringers Director

Mary says she, "feels closest to God when she’s singing." This is apparent in the way Mary Kepple lives her life and teaches, not only children, but all of us. For Mary, music has always connected her to God and to others.

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Jan Talbott

Administrative Assistant, Finance Secretary

It was a slow dance. When I first noticed Jan Talbott several years ago, I could just barely see her through the window in the office into the copy room. Who is that? I wondered. Next I found her at Colleen’s desk where she would help fill in occasionally. Jan would greet with a smile, answer the many questions sent her way and offer sweet words to the kids. During our next couple encounters she shared that she knew my husband’s grandfather and proceeded to tell fascinating stories about him during WWII- colorful, detailed stories about setting up camp for the other soldiers and other tales I hadn’t heard before. And now that comfy "come sit on the front porch and drink some iced tea" feeling appears whenever Jan is around. Jan shows sincere interest in what others have to say and freely shares humorous and endearing tales of her own.

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Suzy Springer

Director of Children & Youth Choirs 

Suzy started leading our new Youth Choir this past fall and to say that Suzy loves music is an understatement. Her love of music was nurtured in church as a child, through participating in elementary plays, school band, choir programs and the Ashland Symphony Youth Chorus and especially from her mom. Her daughters, Emily (7) and Madeline (4) both love to sing, too. You see them in the Rainbow Singers and Sunbeam Choirs on Sunday morning here at church.

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Heather Stewart

Middle School & High School Bell Choirs

Well-rounded….she can do anything...that is Heather Stewart! Sewing – did you see her creative quilt piece for the Baker’s quilt....she bakes and decorates cakes...she leads the PTO at Fredericktown Elementary...she directs the Youth handbells...she performs in the Wesley Ringers handbells...she plays flute for our worship service...but the most important role in her life is that of wife to Curt and mother to Hannah, Cord and Chase. Heather considers her children her greatest gifts and is very proud of them.

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